6 Tips to prevent ransomeware attacks

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ransomeware attack prevention tips

The massive Ransomeware attack has affected total 74 countries globally, so be careful and please do not open any email which has unidentified subject or sender. Also, minimize your usage of social media as well as storage devices.

Technogot has especially brought top 6 tips to prevent ransomeware attacks.

  1. Never open an email which contains unidentified link or source.

  2. Never open an email from your known person which contains a different subject or odd from the routine work.

  3. Don’t open your personal mail on Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or Rediff mail till the problem fixed.

  4. Try to avoid usage of Pendrive, personal pen drive, the external hard drive of your own or company till the ransomeware problem get fixed.

  5. Be aware of online shopping.

  6. Minimize your usage of social accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram.

Ransomeware cyber attack-min
This is how a computer looks like after ransomeware attack

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