Android OS Vs iOS 2017, which is better?

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Android OS Vs iOS 2017, which is better?

Let’s find out !

iOS 11 has been announced for iPhone users but before that Google has also announced its new Android O. Many times, there is debate among users that which is better, Android or iOS? This debate will never end because both are separate OS and people buy according to the choice. Let’s have a look on both of these new operating systems. You read out the best feature details and decide which one is better?

Android O Features

  • A special feature for AutoFill

Autofill feature will be improved on Android O, which will make online transactions even more easier. You don’t need to fulfill information every time, just fill the information once and it will save for further. According to the company, with Autofill feature user can store data and use it for another app.

  • Limit the background, Enhance battery life

One of the biggest changes has been made in Android O under this background, the background can be limited. That means you can use this feature to save battery.

  • Android TV feature

Users will be able to watch movies while using other apps. If you are using another app while watching the video, the video will not be closed. This feature will prove to be better for multi-tasking.

  • Improved Detailed Notifications

Speaking about the visual change, this time, the company has provided a notification channel in the Android O, which will be the AppWise Notification Store, so users will be able to see can simply say, there will be categories for different types of notifications.

  • Improved WiFi Feature

There will be a feature in which WiFi Aware will be able to communicate between two devices via WiFi without internet access point.

  • A special feature for Bluetooth audio

High-quality audio codecs have been provided in Android O, which also has an LDAC codec.

This developer preview version can be used for testing in Google’s pixels or Nexus devices by downloading from the official website of Android.

Android O has some features totally inspires from iOS, especially copy less features, which will make it easy to copy content.

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iOS 11 Features

  • Siri is now more beneficial than before

According to company claims, Siri is the world’s most popular personal assistant, which is used in 375 million active devices in 36 countries. The company has focused on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning so that the Siri can make your point of action even better than ever.

  • Control Center

Control center will now be completely replaced with iOS 11. 3D Touch to bring more information than before.

  • Camera and Photo Feature

Now live photos will be going to provide best ever experience. Now you can cut off the best shot from the live photo and use it as the main photo. Portrait mode image can be improved even with optical image stabilization. You can reduce the size of photos clicked on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus through High efficient image format.

  • Money can be sent through Apple Pay

Now Apple users can send money to each other via Apple Pay feature. There will be a new option in the message that will have to be selected to transfer money. Money can also be paid by speaking to Siri.

  • Do not disturb feature while driving a car

To make driving safer there is a feature of Do Not Disturb Wheel Driving. If you are driving a car then the iPhone will automatically detect it and the phone’s screen will darken. Adding to more features you will not see any notifications while driving a car.

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