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Android wifi security apps Oct 2018 - technogot website review

Those days have gone when everyone was trying to connect their phone with Wi-Fi because of Jio Revolution in India and around the world from other global telecom operators. There are some people who opt for free Wi-Fi these days and the surprising thing is that to avail free Wi-Fi, people connect their Smartphone/iPads/Laptops devices to any available Wi-Fi without thinking about their data privacy and harmful uses.

Always remember when you get connected to a Wi-Fi network, the risk increases very high of your device getting infiltrated through a cyber-attack. Cyber-attack can make your identity vulnerable. You will have not control on your important and sensitive data after a cyber attack.

Free and public Wi-Fi can steal your data. So be aware of it and use below Android wifi security apps to secure your devices.

Technogot strongly recommended you to install one of these Wi-Fi security apps on your Smartphones, iPhones/iPads, Laptops, and any other devices. Below apps can protect you from cyber-attacks.

Android wifi security app

Smart Wi-Fi kill app

This is the best app to maintain Wi-Fi privacy. Smart Wi-Fi Kill application not only helps you prevent others from joining the WiFi hotspot but if you are using any public WiFi, it also gives the option to increase its speed.

You can download this application through the Google Play Store. If some people around you use public WiFi, then this app can help them prevent data theft.

Don’t forget that smart WiFi Kill app works only with rooted smartphones.

smart wi-fi kill-technogot review

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Wi-Fi Inspector App

This 4.3 rated app is available for free on Google Play Store. By using this app, you can get accurate information about how many people are connected with your Wi-Fi router or hotspot. You can also track names of those devices with MAC address. Dedeveloper of this application claims that this application is able to tell you all information within 30 seconds.

This app works on the Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system or above.

wifi inspector app -technogot website review

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Fing Network Tools App

This is also one of the best security apps for Android devices. After installing the Fing – Network Tools app in your smartphone, tablet or laptop, the user can get a quick idea of how many devices are connected to your router?

You can see Manufacture, MAC and icon of Device in Fing App along with the history of Devise. Also, you can find out which device was connected to the Wi-Fi router with time.

Fing Network Tools App-technogot review

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iOS wifi security app

We have brought Best Security Apps to Keep Your iPhone and iPad Secure everytime you connected with the world of the Internet.

Secure Wi-Fi

Secure Wi-Fi app works amazingly when it comes to the security of data sent between your device and a Wi-Fi router/hotspot. Secure Wi-Fi app auto-enables itself only when it detects an unsecured network/internet to which your iPhone/iPad is connected.

it becomes challenging for hackers to hijack your session, steal of your data and any harmful activity for identity, privacy, and secret credentials.

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Wi Spy

This is also an amazing app for iOS Users. If you are curious enough to know the type of connections your device has? How many and which type of WiFi connections properties around you? How many devices are connected?

You can do all through this Wi Spy App. It will show you the IP addresses, Mac Addresses, status and connection level of all the WiFi connections you are connected with. You can also check internet connection download and upload speed and share photos and videos with the condition of the same app installed.

wi spy-technogot website review

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Safe Wi-Fi

Safe Wi-Fi actually protects your privacy when you use public Wi-Fi or free Wi-Fi. You can browse confidently and securely by having this app in your device. It’s a good thing that Safe Wi-Fi creates a secure VPN connection to public Wi-Fi in public places. It has Wi-Fi encryption technology which ensures Safety of your personal data and online activities

It helps a lot with web browsing. It also prevents advertisers from tracking your activity and block targeted ads while surfing the internet.

Safe wi-Fi review -technogot website review

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There are so many security apps for iPhone available in the apps store. Technogot will always help you to help to discover security apps on any platforms.

We’ll continue to post articles on wifi protector app for android, android wifi security settings, secure wifi app Samsung, public wifi security mobile phones, secure wireless apk, wifi security check app etc. Keep Reading Technogot. Be safe, Be Intelligent.

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