Apple apologizes for iPhone battery problem, now replace it on cheap prices

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Apple iphone battery problem _Technogot

Apple has apologized to the users for slowing down the old iPhones and having a dispute over it. The company has also issued a letter for it on its website. Along with this, the company announced the replacement of the battery of the old iPhone’s will be available at a lower cost.

The company has said that it will replace the iPhone battery which is even not covered under warranty between $ 29 or about 1850 rupees. However at this price, the iPhone 6 and above will be the only model who’ll get battery change.

It means lower models than iPhone-6 will not get a battery replacement. The battery replacement process will start next month. In addition to the battery, the company will also issue updates to the iOS so that there will be no impact on the performance of the phone.

Recently, many users complained about the slowing down of the old iPhone, after which the company itself said in a statement that he slowed down the iPhone intentionally. The company said that it has taken such a step to reduce battery consumption. The company takes such decisions when the processor asks for a larger battery. The company said that this problem is with all lithium-ion batteries of iPhones.

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