Apple Credit Card: Everything you want to know about it

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apple credit card

Apple has finally launched its own credit card, called Apple Card, that can be used anywhere around the globe; Apple Pay is accepted.

According to company Apple card will make it easier for the user to see what merchants charged you. It also uses Apple Maps to show users where accurately they spend their money. This is people can see on their credit card statements.

Apple Inc. unveiled the card at an event Monday at its headquarters in Cupertino, California. The company is emphasizing privacy and says it won’t know what you bought or where. it is just to make it more user-friendly for the daily needs of the people.

The Apple card will live in the wallet section of the iPhone, though customers will also get a physical card made of titanium form its collaborator banks.

apple card features

Apple card rewards program

Apple card will include a rewards program of 2 points back on all transactions.

Apple at the inauguration, the card has no late fees, annual fees or fees for going over the credit limit. It’s a Mastercard issued by Goldman Sachs.

Apple Card Functionality

apple card daily cash

After signing up, you control the Apple Card from the Wallet app right from your iPhone, Ipad. When you tap on the card, you can see your last transactions, how much you owe, how much money you spent on each category. Just like we said earlier it will show the location and merchant charges briefly.

You can tap on a transaction and see the location in a tiny Apple Maps view. Every time you make an Apple Pay successful transaction, you’ll get 2 percent in cash back. The unique function is that You don’t have to wait until the end of the month as your cash is credited every day. For Apple purchases, you get 3 percent cash back.

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