Apple iPhone 8 event live: Apple Watch with upgraded processor, 70% boost- dual-core and cellular built in

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Apple has finally launched WatchOS 4 with upgraded processor, 70% boost- dual-core and cellular built in now. There will be more coaching, a new workout app will be added to this amazing Apple Watch.

Apple Watch take care of your health

You’ll find a redesigned workout app, new features for swimmers for WatchOS 4. GymKit is a tap-to-connect way to link to gym equipment using NFC. This isn’t new, but the bottom line is Apple is pushing fitness as the core benefit. Apple Watch is the most used heart rate monitor in the world, Williams says.

Most-used heart rate monitor in the world: Apple Watch, says Apple. Heart rate will be instant, now, and give resting heart rate. Apple will make enhancements to the heart rate app, so you can see it with the rise of a wrist. You’ll see new measurements like resting heart rate and recovery heart rate, he says.

Heart rate recovery is new, too, in WatchOS 4. You’ll have a better picture of your health and heart rate throughout the day, he says.Heart rate graph, showing recovery. Curious how coaching helps with that. Elevated heart rate now pings when you have over 120bpm and aren’t active. It will use data from Apple Watch and analyze irregular heart rates and alert users, he says.

The first phase of the Apple Heart study will be available in the US later this year in the App Store, he says.

Apple is adding a feature so that Watch will notify you of an elevated heart rate when you don’t appear to be active, he says.

Atrial fibrillation is something Fitbit has also been exploring with health initiatives.

Cellular, as we expected

You can just bring your Apple Watch without your iPhone. Can get calls and the same number as a phone (number portability). You can receive calls on your watch. It’s the same number as your phone number. This has been our vision since the beginning, Williams says. “our vision from the very beginning”

The biggest challenge was adding cellular. Williams talks about the complications in building an LTE radio while keeping a smaller body. Watch looks similar-sized, despite cellular. The display acts as the antenna. (!) Apple integrated an electronic SIM into the new Watch. It uses an eSIM, not a normal SIM card, like iPads

Apple Watch and Apple Music

You can stream 40 million songs on your wrist. And Apple Music streaming on watch over LTE, too. What is the battery drain, though. You can access Beats One Live or your catalog of music on Apple Music straight from your Apple Watch. It doesn’t seem like a different design. There have been other LTE watches. And others streaming music (Google Play, Spotify). We have packed Series 3 with the most technology in a watch, he says.

Key Highlights:

Only Samsung’s Gear S3 has an LTE option.

It’s interesting Samsung’s new Gear Sport watches don’t have an LTE option.

Even Google has pulled away from cellular-connected Watches, although Android Wear hasn’t done that well.

We have had a bunch of other cellular-connected smartwatches out there, but they haven’t sold.

Not a huge pitch on why you want a phone on a watch, but the upsell price isn’t huge.

Sept 15 order, Sept 22 available for Apple Watch Series 3. Well, that’s it.

Apple Watch Series 3 coming Sept 22

Series 3 without cellular available in 26 countries.

Apple Watch Series 3 coming in 9 countries and the big 4 US carriers.

Price creeps up a bit? $329 w/o LTE, $399 w LTE (for 38mm I imagine)

Series 1 is now $249

Cellular is $399 and non-Celluar at $329.

Series 3 summary — faster, GPS, celluar, swimproof, all day battery life. 18 hours across mix of LTE and WiFi, Bluetooth.

Ceramic returns, in gray this time, for Series 3. Wonder what the price is.

Apple’s adding a gray ceramic finish Watch.

There are new colors on Apple Watch bands. New Hermes bands and watch face styles.

Sport Loop looks like a slap bracelet for Apple Watch!

There are exclusive new colors on the Apple Watch Nike fit edition.

Sport Loop is a wrap-around nylon. No buckle.

Series 3 comes in a new gold aluminum finish, with silver and space gray. There’s a new sport loop band.

Microphone on-watch tuned to make calls better outdoors, it seems.

Oh so many obnoxious wrist calls on the subway coming…

He says his daughter is out in the water, and notes the only mic is on her Apple Watch. That’s just darn close to magic, he says.

If you’re on a raft, alone, you’ll be able to make wrist calls!

Apple doesn’t reveal sales figures for the device, but Strategy Analytics estimated that the company shipped 2.8 million wearables in the first quarter, up 56 percent from a year earlier

One kinda fun thing: this is a swim-friendly phone, essentially. No other LTE watch has been swimproof. (to my knowledge)

Apple isn’t the first to offer a smartwatch with a standalone cellular connection — Samsung did it years ago.

Also no antenna in band, something some other watches did.

So, the watch will be the same size as Series 2. Samsung Gear S3 had to get significantly larger, and so did Android Wear LTE watches.

The only difference is the crystal at the bottom is .25 mm bigger, he says.

Even with the new features, the case is the same size as Series 2, he says.
Barometer was an overdue feature.

Releasing skiing and snowboarding apps for Apple Watch.

Upgraded W2 wireless. faster wireless (Wi-Fi), more efficient, and barometric altimeter added

Apple Watch uses a custom W2 chip with 85% faster Wi-Fi while 50% more power efficient.

Siri talks on watch. That could be…useful…for some.

It’s 70% faster, Siri is quicker than ever, and can talk, he says.

New upgraded processor. 70% boost. dual-core

WeChat supported

Siri is available anytime. You can use Maps. Location for Find My Friend switches over to Watch.

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