Apple just released iOS 12 beta 10 and public beta 9 for iPhone and iPad

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Apple has released an updated build of iOS 12. Apple has released it 3 times after the official release of Developer Beta.

Good News for iPhone & iPad Lovers, Apple has released an updated build of iOS 12 but official release will occur next month. The company has released it three times after the release of Developer Beta. The iOS 12 Developer Beta 10 is now available with iOS 12 Public Beta 9. This update has been seen as the Last Beta release before the commercial rollout which is next month.

According to ZDNet, its public updates are smaller than the 70MB in size. You should aware of it that the version released is a pre-GM version. The new iOS 12 is a big update. It focuses on the capacity of the operating system rather than the major features to fix the bugs. This update will improve the performance and speed of older devices.

This update will give Siri more access to developers and third-party applications. After updates, Apple users can create custom serial shortcuts via iOS 12.

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The biggest feature that has been introduced with iOS 12 is ARKit 2.0. Through this feature, Apple users will be able to play multiplayer games with arbitrary reality on the iPhone and iPad.

This software has features such as VoiceMemos, Apple Book and Apple News Apps and Memoji. Apple has also introduced the new feature screen Time. It will tell you how much time you spend watching on the screen.

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