Apple Patent revealed it was working on 3D facial recognition for a decade

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apple-3d-sensing-technology- technogot

It looks like Apple’s new 3D facial recognition is coming soon on iPhone.

Great news coming in for the technology lovers.

Apple’s upcoming Anniversary edition can be presented with the iPhone 8 3D facial recognition technology which will allow more security to users. And you probably know how much time it takes to get rid of any new technology and how much research is done with it.

According to a new patent, It is clearly understandable Apple company has been working on this technology for a long time.

apple-3d-sensing-technology- technogot

This patent was placed on Thursday by the US Patent and Trademark Office, and it was published under the title “Embedded authentication systems in an electronic device”.

Let me inform you that it was first filed in 2013. It is being called that was filed in 2007. Apart from this, According to media reports, its credit goes to Tony Fedell and he left Apple in 2008.

Apple 3D facial recognition all about

The method described in the patent uses the face and depth data of the specific sensor and camera obtained from the camera.

It describes a method of simultaneously capturing the 2D image of the user’s face and 3D depth data using a complex camera system, with the sensor.

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