Avengers Endgame Online Download: Read this report first

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avengers endgame download link

Avengers Endgame, which has earned 11,771 crores worldwide and which you haven’t seen till now and if you are planning for Avengers Endgame Online Download to watch the movie online, then this news is just for you and believe me its just for you.

If you are looking for a website online to download Avengers Endgame, then you need to be very careful, otherwise, you may be a victim of cyber hacking. This public interest information itself has given by anti-virus software company Kaspersky.

Kaspersky has said in its report that hackers are waiting for people who are thinking of downloading Avengers Endgame online. Indeed, these hackers are providing people with the link to a website that is claiming to download the whole movie. In this case, people easily go to a particular page for downloading the movie.

Spamming Begins with signup for Avengers Endgame Online Download

avengers endgame download online

In the name of the signup, these websites are asking people with an e-mail address, password and even some site asking for credit card information with the CVC code. In such cases, after landing on this kind of pages when you think, ‘I do not have to give credit card information’, That is what the exact time scammers could have stolen much information including your e-mail ID and password. So be safe and avoid surfing this kind of pages.

How to prevent online frauds?

Kaspersky has asked people in their reports to not click on any fake websites and it would be better not to try to download an online movie, as it is illegal to watch a pirated movie anyway. Also, use Password Manager so you can understand how many places are being used for the same password. With the help of Password Manager, you will also know the password limit.

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Marvel Studios’ Avengers Endgame has made a new record of earning Rs 300 crore at the box office in India within few days.

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