Best driving apps for Android 2018

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While driving a car or a bike, we do not always have information about roads or other things, so mobile apps help us a great support. Technogot has made out a list of apps which are used for driving …

Google Maps


Undoubtedly! The most popular and easy to use an app is Google Maps. There is no need to install it separately on the Android phones as it comes inbuilt with the Google app. Navigation and Drive feature is the best in this. You can also find out nearby places, Petrol Pumps, and even traffic updates are there.



Zaiuto APP-min


This app helps you call the mechanic when needed. In such a case, if your vehicle is damaged on the way, then you can get help from this app.







It’s similar to Google Maps but there are some different features in it too. This app also tells about traffic jams, accidents, and police check posts. You can also go for this application.



Car Dashdroid

If you do not like Google Assistant then this app can be a great option for you. You can also do phone, message and other work by using the voice command in it. You can also customize the more buttons you use.

Google Assistant

As the name speaks everything about this application. You do not even need to touch the phone to use this app. You can easily access some places using voice commands to call, send or navigate to it.


This app can help you if you want to avoid talking on the phone while driving. This app is based on GPS. As soon as you start to drive, this app receives incoming calls and receives your previously recorded message. It also hides email, Whatsapp and message notifications.

We hope you guys have got a good amount of information through this Best driving apps for Android 2018 list. In case we have missed anything you think it is nicer then please share your comments below. Stay connected with us for these kinds of articles.

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