Best Time to Post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn

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Most people in this advanced digital world share content, photos and videos on social media platforms according to their convenience. After that, they even wait for reactions and likes and engagement. So everyone wants more likes and comments on their post.

For this, the user uses trending and relevant hashtag and photo filter app to gain more attractive engagement. People fail to get targeted response/engagement even after doing all these efforts on the post, then you should understand the Best Time to Post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn. Likes and comments on the content being shared on social media have a deeper connection with the time.

If you want to be popular on social media, then time TIME OF POST matters. No matter at what time the photo or content you are sharing, it affects the responses received. The number of users on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram is increasing. Every user wants more likes and comments. In such a situation, the choice of time for the users can become a mystery. But, it is true that whatever we post or share at the beginning of the day, we get the most likes.

What should be the best time to Post on social media?

Many studies have proven that timing impacts on social media hits of the particular post. Experts agree that 1 PM to 3 PM on Thursdays and Fridays is a good time to post. 8 o’clock on Thursday is the best time in the evening. Talk about the weekend, the time from 1 PM to 4 o’clock can bring much more good results. Throughout the week, right after the afternoon is the best timing to post on social media.

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The best time of every user may vary

The best time of every user may be different. Your best time also depends on who is on your list. What is their working schedule? Realizing timing in real life is a challenge. But once you get it, you will be surrounded by social media.

Social media post subject matters

Many times subject matters more than the timing of a post. Suppose it’s time for Diwali, in such a way, if you share any content, photo or video related to this the festival, then obviously it will definitely visible more often.

Many times some people share such posts, which are not relevant at the time, therefore they do not get a good response. Then it does not matter at which time you put it on social media.


Once you log on to Facebook, there are about 1500 stories are visible in every person’s news feed. In such a situation, people are also interested in seeing more of Family and Friends’ posts. In such a situation, no Universal Timing can be claimed for Facebook or other social media posts. It can be said that timing is just a factor, no scale. Experts say that there may be a good time to post something. But, this is not a rule.

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