British Airways apologizes over customer data breach; follow steps to save yourself

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The data breach has been reported in the British Airways customer database. It is advisable for you if you have recently traveled with British Airways, then this news may put you in trouble. I ask all the passengers who have used British Airways to change their bank details and follow the instructions provided by concerned authorities.

According to media reports website of British Airways had a major setback and bank cards and personal information of nearly 4 lakh passengers have been stolen.

British Airways has added in its statement that private data and bank card details have been stolen from bookings done between August 21 and September 5. So far nearly about 3 lakh 80 thousand passengers included in this list.

Regarding compensation, the British Airways said, we will be in touch with customers/passengers and we will settle any claim in case problem persist.

Don’t worry and there a relief news for you, British Airways has said that the details of travel and passport information are not included in the stolen information. The investigation of the data breach case is going on with immediate effect.

Stolen data includes information about travelers who did their booking through website and app of British Airways, although the company has now taken control of the server and now the website and app both working smoothly with extra security layer. The company has advised its passengers to contact their own bank and follow the instructions provided by them to secure yourself for the future.

British Airways is investigating

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British Airways has added in its statement that it is investigating the data theft case from its website and mobile app. British Airways President and Chief Executive Alex Cruz said that all affected customers/passengers were contacted Thursday night to make sure their privacy secure. We have notified the police and related officials to investigate the same.

Steps to prevent Data Breach

  • Freeze everything on priority
  • Change passwords or lock credentials ASAP
  • Determine the impact
  • Determine how it happened, this exercise will save you in future if something wrong happened again.
  • Determine what needs to be done
  • Communicate with concerned authorities/person


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