Careful! Threat of Judy malware on Android, find out if you’re affected

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Careful! Threat of Judy malware on Android, find out if you’re affected

It seems like this month of May is proven to be very dangerous for cyber security. A few days earlier, the WannaCry ransomware attack targeted millions of Internet users.

After this, the Judy malware has now emerged as a new threat for Android users. Know here, what the Judy virus and how 41 apps connected to it can harm your smartphone. Then only you can feel yourself whether you’re affected with this malware or not?

How it damages you

Basically, It’s a software that makes money by getting fake clicks from your smartphone or any Android run devices. Reports have found that 41 Mobile applications are such that are helping to spread the virus. Rember ‘Judy Chef’ is a common word in all these applications. Be careful these days while installing completely new and unknown app in your phone.

How it get spread

According to available media reports, all the 41 application which are infected with Judy virus has been made by the Korean company E-studio. Apart from these, there are many more developers, through whom the virus is spreading. According to The Checking Point Blog, these applications are already downloaded in 1.85 million mobile devices.

Complete list of these 41 Applications

3.65 million smartphones are at risk

According to the report around the world, there are 3.65 million Android devices in the world can be affected by this malware attack. There are also some of these infected applications are still available on Google Play. We at technogot highly recommend you to stop installing any application on your device till the problem get completely fixed by Google.

Expert says, after downloading, these applications automatically establish connections between your device and adware server. Once the connection is made, your device automatically generates clicks on the web page from the browser. and this is how they generate revenue from your devices.

How to Keep Your Smartphone Safe

According to the leading tech Blogs, Google has removed the infected application. In order to avoid such viruses, Google has also updated the bouncer projection program.

In addition, a list of such virus-related applications has been released, which is dangerous for the smartphone. Through this list, you can avoid such a malware attack. Although it is not yet proven that this virus is capable of stealing data from your mobile.

So, be smart and always keep eyes on your device. Whenever you detect any suspicious activity or attempts, we recommend you to get it checked with nearby mobile service center or mobile technician. You can even format your device to restore factory settings.

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