Cockroach Challenge: Users are uploading selfie With Cockroach, getting viral

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Cockroach Challenge is massively getting viral particularly in countries like Myanmar, Philippines and Indonesia. Here people are sharing their cockroach selfies on their faces and mouths and sharing their photos on social media.

What is Cockroach Challenge?

Cockroach Challenge: Through the social media site, we often get to know strange content/people. One such challenge has gone viral this time, which is being known as the Cockroach Challenge. In this challenge, people are clicking the photo by placing cockroach on their face and sharing it on social media. Social media users are sharing their selfies with cockroaches and are encouraging their friends to share similar photos.

Cockroach Challenge social media

The Cockroach Challenge is getting viral on social media in countries like Myanmar,Philippines, and Indonesia.

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Even before that social media has come out with different types of challenges. However, looking at the Cockroach Challenge, it is difficult to find creativity in any angle. Earlier, many Challenges on social media sites have been gone viral, with Ice Bucket Challenge, Kiki Challenge and 10 Year Challenge.

In the ice bucket challenge, people were sharina g video of putting a bucket full of ice on their social media site. In the Kiki Challenge, users were coming from a moving car and sharing a video of Kinky Song dance. In the same 10 year challenge, users were sharing their ten year old photo with the new picture. Many such creative challenges were found in social media so far.

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