Data Friendly YouTube Go App Now Available in Over 130 Countries

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Google is focusing on its data-friendly ‘go-app’. The YouTube Go App was specially designed keeping India in mind, but now people of many countries can use it. This app is currently available in more than 130 countries. The special thing about this app is that even though the speed of the internet is slow, you can easily search for it and watch the video without uninterrupted. This app feature works even faster on the phone.

The YouTube Go App size is less than 10MB, and it can work on phones with less than 1GB of RAM. This app consumes less than 40 percent of the data. It can be installed on all Android phones. It also works on older Android version jellybean. Google has developed this application keeping new internet users in mind. In order to avoid finding new users, there is a tap first user interface in the app.

Google has also introduced some new features in the YouTube Go App. Users can now view or download the video in high quality. Not only that, users will now be able to share many videos together.

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