Days Gone; Where to Get Refuel for Motorcycle?

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The best way to Keep fueled-up your motorcycle is that keep an eye out for red gas canisters.

With your hard work, you have successfully reached where you wanted to be but suddenly your motorcycle get out of fuel and you get trapped. What would you do? Where will you find fuel in days gone? We have come with the proper information to make things done. In this guide, we will show you how to refuel the bike, so you never die in such an unfortunate way.

How To Refuel The Bike In Days Gone Game

If you have played Days Gone even for a short time you might have noticed that there are a couple of ways to refuel your bike in Days Gone. The first is by using gas canisters that you can find all throughout the world.

During the game, you will need to physically carry the red canister to your motorbike and then hold the Circle Button to begin refueling the motorcycle at the gas icon. After this process, Bike will start to fill up, showing you a percentage meter of how much gas it contains.

How To Refuel The Bike In Days Gone Game-technogot
How To Refuel The Bike In Days Gone Game-technogot (Image credit : Gamepur)

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Don’t forget, Once you run out of fuel you will not be able to travel fast or drive the bike until you’ve found fuel.

The last way to refuel your bike is at dedicated encampments spread out around the world. These are also marked on the map with gas pumps, so you can just head there and top up the bike fuel tank.

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