Deleting This one App Can Double Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

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If the battery of your phone is drying up too soon, you are also facing with your smartphone’s battery life, then simply remove an app from your smartphone immediately. I guarantee Deleting This one App Can Double Your SmartPhone’s Battery Life.

This outcome does not come from any report or survey, it’s a claim from Mobile Economist, John Koetsier. According to his claim, the Facebook app in your smartphone consumes the most of the battery life. According to John’s claim, 47 percent of the smartphone’s battery consumed by social media giant application “Facebook”.

Yes, By deleting this application from your smartphone you can save your battery life by two times.

Phone on which he tried this trick:

Let me tell you, John did this experiment on iPhone 7 which is known for its long battery life. The experiment clearly shows results against the Facebook application. As we all know is a main engaged application on our smartphone because we get connected with our friends, relatives through this application only. It connects us with virtual society.

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Alternatives to Facebook App:

  1. However, this does not mean that you stop using Facebook. Instead, you can use Facebook Light application which will save your mobile data as well as battery life.
  2. The other way is to make some settings in the Facebook app, such as video auto-play, close Facebook notifications, turn off the location sharing.
  3. You can also use Facebook on the mobile web but some critical aspects of the Facebook experience don’t work well on the mobile Web.

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