How to disable mirror effect on android and iphone ?

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Photography is the best way to store memories forever. Selfie, taken especially with friends, relatives or other close friends, keeps those memories fresh. However, most users complain that the photo with selfie looks different. That means its position is left to right or right-to-left. In such a situation, when there is a name written behind you, it appears to be inverted. That means if the KING is written anywhere, then this spelling will change as GNIK.

Why does this happen?

Most smartphone makers give a mirror effect to the front camera or selfie camera. Because of this feature, when someone takes selfies then in the camera it looks straightforward, but the photo is totally changed. In such a case it is necessary to turn off this effect.

Android OS does not have effects

The mirror effect of selfie camera is not part of the Android operating system. This means that the smartphone in which the company has an OS will have an effect. Actually, many Indian and Chinese companies offer their Android-based operating system in the smartphone, due to which the camera comes with a mirror effect.

How to disable mirror effect?

To straighten the photo taken from the front camera, first go to Camera Settings. Here you have to go to Mirror’s options. Here the option of Mirror will be ON, please switch OFF it. Any photo you take now will not be reversed. Mirror’s option can be different from the smartphone’s camera settings.

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