Don’t try this prank on Twitter, account shall be blocked forever

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twitter prank

Prank videos are becoming viral fast after social media has come and become popular among people. The prank is a kind of joke that people make videos and share it on social media. Now a prank on microblogging site Twitter is increasingly gone viral.

Under this prank, users are being forced to change the date of birth in their twitter account. According to prank people asking to change birth year to 2007 by claiming that this will make your feed colorful.

Twitter has informed its users about this prank and said that make sure that you don’t fall in the trap, otherwise, the account will be blocked.

Actually, people under 13 years of age can not make accounts on Twitter. In such a case, changing Birth-age of the year 2007 will be reduced to 13 years. In such a situation, Twitter may block your account under its policy. Many people around the globe have changed their profile so far. A similar tweet has been retweeted more than 19 thousand times.

A tweet from Twitter Support states, “We have noticed that people who have come to this Prank and changed their birth year to 2007. Please do not do all this, otherwise, we will lock your account due to being under 13 years of age.

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