Edward Snowden Introduces a New Spy-Catching App, will keep journalists and activists secure

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Former CIA contractor and whistleblower Edward Snowden launched an Android app. The aim of this app is to protect those who do journalism and activism. Generally, the risk of monitoring the journalists is most. This app, by Edward Snowden and his team, has launched an app called Heaven, which will save you from surveillance.

What is Haven app?

The Heaven app is actually a security system that can be installed on a laptop or a computer. This app is quite different and through the mobile phone’s inbuilt sensor it detects how the system has changed. As soon as there will be any changes, this app will outline.

How did Haven App work?

According to a report from Intercept, the use of the Heaven app can also be used to avoid dangerous attacks. According to the report, if your laptop and mobile have Haven installed and someone else wants to open it in your absence, then the phone will detect changes in light or if your laptop gets moved, it is also detected and sends pictures of that person to the laptop’s honor.

The specialty of this app is that it detects physical access not only in software but also with the help of hardware.

Edward Snowden and some of his friends have released a video saying that Haven can convert any spare Android smartphone into a safe room. This app will be synced with spare smartphones sensors.

This app has been designed keeping the privacy in mind. Edward Snowden claims that he has not used mobile phones since being declared a fugitive in 2013.

The Heaven app also works with the Orbot app that can convert user’s smartphone into Tor Onion service. This means that no information about your location or mobile IP can be tracked or your browsing history can intercept from anywhere. This app has been prepared by Snowden in conjunction with the Guardian Project. Its founder Net says that Haven is the most secure and powerful system ever.

Using Haven, you can secure up to the signal from mobile so that no one can figure out what you are doing on your smartphone.

To use the Havan app, you must have a separate Android smartphone. If you install it on the phone then you can have these advantages.

Advantages of Haven Application

– Private browsing through any public WiFi

– HIDE your IP so that no one can track you

– If someone in your device tries to hit you then you will know

– If someone is touching your device or trying to open it, you will still get this information.

– Government or private monitoring can be avoided.

If you pay for Haven, then you will get more services. It has secure mobile data, i.e. you will not need WiFi for the internet.

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