Every Apple product expected to launch in 2018, from iPhone to cheap iPad today

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Apple has made all the preparations for today’s event to give something new to the world of Technology. In the meanwhile, some leaks regarding some upcoming Apple products coming every day. Today, Technogot will be going to tell you about 6 products which can be launched today at Apple’s event.

iPhone XS

Till now according to all leaks report, the iPhone XS will be Apple’s smallest iPhone. It will have a 5.8-inch Oled display and it will be an upgraded version of the iPhone X. There shall be a new improved processor and sharp dual rear camera setup in this phone.

iPhone XS Max

The iPhone XS Max can be launched this Today, September 12 event, with the biggest display in iPhone History. There are some rumors that there will be a display larger than 6.5 inches. Now, there is a news has taken place in the market that Apple Pencil and three rear cameras can come up on the phone.

iPhone 9

All the leaked reports are claiming that the iPhone 9 will also launch in the Apple event this year, which will be the cheapest iPhone so far. There will be a 6.1-inch display and this iPhone will also have a dual-SIM support feature. The iPhone 9 shall be launch in four colors variants.

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Apple smartwatch

It is Also reported that Apple will launch the new SmartWatch, The upgraded version of the current wrist watch which was launched last year. It will be named as Apple Watch Series 4. Apart from this, there can be an always on display.

iPad Pro

Leaked reports are also claiming that Apple’s new version of the iPad will launch the iPad Pro, which will have a Bezel Less display and Face recognition/Unlock feature.

MacBook Air

Apple can also launch a new MacBook Air, which shall have a retina display. There is a information about Makbook that the new Apple MacBook will get Intel’s 8th generation processor.

And last only time will tell, Let’s wait for 10’0 clock, let’s see which products Apple will launch to dominate the Technology Market again.

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