Facebook admits millions of Instagram passwords were stored unencrypted

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Facebook is once again surrounded by privacy-related questions. Facebook on Thursday said that millions of Instagram users passwords were stored in an unencrypted way on the internal server. Facebook has shared information regarding Instagram passwords in a blog post.

In the blog post, the company has written that we have found that additional logs of Instagram passwords were stored in a readable format. Now we can estimate that millions of Instagram users have been affected due to this problem.

Facebook said that we are notifying users that we have ensured during the investigation that the stored passwords have not been accessed internally or inappropriately.


Facebook admits millions of Instagram passwords

Last month, the company explained that unencrypted passwords of thousands of millions of users have been stored and at that time the company said the number of Instagram users affected was only a few thousand. But this number is far more than the estimated value.

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Facebook was once again engaged in a controversy over the user’s privacy. Last year it was revealed that political consultancy firm cambridge analytica had stolen Facebook data of approximately 8.7 million users. After this, Facebook had taken a lot of hard work on data handling. Data-sharing partnerships with external companies were also removed.

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