Facebook at F8 says about ‘shopping features’ on WhatsApp

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WhatsApp Shopping – You can get this kind of option too soon. The company has given a product catalog option for WhatsApp Business. That means companies can now ask you to select the product on Whatsapp.

Social media giant Facebook made some big announcements on the first day of the Developer Conference F8. WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in India. Whatsapp is also part of Facebook. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that WhatsApp’s messages and location are encrypted to secure user’s privacy.

Some changes have been made for the WhatsApp business. The company has brought product catalogs for WhatsApp Business. Under this, customers can see the list of products within the chat. If the customer wants, they can choose from the products offered in the chat list and also make a purchase.

WhatsApp Business gets a Product Catalogue feature

In the coming days, we will be able to shop through WhatsApp. The first step will be that you will have a list of products and the price will be given on the Whatsapp app on behalf of the company. During the chat itself you will be able to choose your favorite product. After this you will be able to make payments directly from it.


WhatsApp has been testing WhatsApp Pay in India quite a bit and now it’s public launch is clearly visible. Now, this Whatsapp Payments feature can be launched not only in India, but WhatsApp Pay can also be launched in many other countries.

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In this same developer event, Facebook has also told about Instagram shopping how customers can buy products directly from Instagram. According to the company, the payments made by Whatsapp will be secure. However, the government wants to store the data related to payments in the company of India.

In the coming days, some new features related to customers shopping in WhatsApp Business can also be added, so that customers have the ability to shop. Now it will be interesting to see how users adopt it.

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