Facebook to demote Posts that Ask You to Like or Share

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If you also ask people to share or react on your photos and videos on Facebook and ask to the comments, then it is a bad news for you, because Facebook will now be able to demote rather than promoting such photos and videos. The big thing is that Facebook is going to launch this feature this week itself.

On Facebook, there are many posts that appear to be written with and share more and more comments about this post. Apart from this, there are also post types which are said to tag their friend’s name as A.

In fact, the engagement of people in such a post is very high, which is technically called engagement bait. In this regard, Facebook has said in its blog post that preparations for the removal of such a demand for tagging, likes, and comments are going on because such posts are misled and provoked by people. Facebook will disappear or demote this type of post near future.


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