Facebook ‘Exploring Regulations’ For FB Live Video streaming

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facebook live banning

Social Media giant Facebook has said after the death of 50 people in a terrorist attack on the New Zealand mosque, that We are preparing to ban a particular user who will go live on our platform. The company is going to tighten the rules regarding the use of the Facebook Live Streaming service. therefore Facebook ‘Exploring Regulations’ For FB Live Video streaming. However, certain criteria will be kept for these restrictions.

Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg said in a blog post that the company will monitor on the basis of Community Guidelines, who can go live on Facebook.

Christchurch attacker made FB live the whole event. Sandberg wrote in the blog that after the incident questions were raised how one can use online media like Facebook to circulate such a horrible video.?

He said that Facebook is considering to ban such users. This is the reason that many changes are being made on Facebook to prevent cases of hate. In Australia and New Zealand, the company is also using AI technology to identify hate groups and removing them from Facebook.

After Action was taken by Facebook, Such groups will not be able to use Facebook services.

Facebook Steps to prevent hate content after NewZealand Attack

  1. Strict the rules of Facebook Live
  2. Preventing the spread of hatred
  3. community support from New Zealand

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Prevention of edited versions from sharing or re-posting

Facebook COO wrote in his blog that the company is considering banning people who have previously violated the rules on Facebook Live. Facebook is also looking for technology through improvement of software that allows the edited version of violent video and photographs to be immediately detected and prevented from sharing or re-posting.

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