Facebook has closed testing in a Aadhar case

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Facebook has finally come upon its silence on the Aadhar case, saying that the company is not compelling users to link the account to the Aadhar nor has such a future plan.

After the controversy over the Aadhar verification of Facebook accounts increased, the company has cleared through a blog post.

Facebook said in its blog post, “We are not asking for any Aadhaar card from any of our users, although we had given the advice that the names used in the Aadhar card should be used in the accounts so that your friends can easily recognize you.

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At the same time, we have also stopped testing it. We are not collecting the Aadhar details from any user. ‘

At the same time, during the signup, you will not get the message using the Aadhaar card name. The company has changed the interface.

Now you will get the old message that uses your real name so that you can easily identify whom you want on facebook.

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