Facebook introduces a new security tool for Political Campaign

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How facebook Political Campaign tool works?

Social media giant Facebook has introduced a new full proof security tool for Political Campaign just 50 days before election day. Millions of Americans will go to the polls for the midterm elections.

Prior to this, Facebook’s chief Mark Zuckerberg admitted that they “didn’t do enough” in the 2016 presidential elections to prevent spreading misinformation. Now Facebook is all set to prevent such kind of things in the upcoming midterm elections.

Facebook has introduced a new additional tool to protect the Political Campaign in America and other countries at this time. This is to inform you that after a massive criticism Facebook has come on stage to prove its loyalty.

This tool has been introduced to protect the campaign and campaign staff from hackers. As you might all know, Facebook has introduced this tool especially for the mid-term election in the US in 2018. This Political Campaign tool will protect users who will be part of the American Political Campaign.

Social media leader Facebook has given this information through a blog post. It has been said in a blog that the Political Campaign tool has been introduced to protect the Candidate and campaign during the political campaign to prevent hacking.

facebook political campaign tool

How Facebook Political Campaign tool works?

Through this tool, Facebook will provide candidate the protection of Tool Factor authentication to the candidate and campaign staff.

It is notable that Facebook has been investing more and more in New Technology for the last several years to dominate the industry.

Apart from this, Facebook is trying its best to polish its impressions which were earlier damaged in front of the Congress.

According to Facebook, this pilot program is new to its existing Additional Security Tool.

Almost 670 Fake News Sites have been detected on Facebook since the US presidential election in 2016.

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