Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram won’t run on these smartphones starting April 30

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Facebook, Messenger and Instagram won't run on these smartphones starting April 30-min

Mark Zuckerberg-led social media giant Facebook will end the support for 3 of its most popular applications Instagram, Facebook and Messenger for Windows Phone starting April 30.

This is to notify you that several Windows Phone users reported on social media after Instagram started notifying users about support discontinuation. Now, a Microsoft a spokesperson has confirmed the same thing to Engadget.

Facebook Messenger, Instagram and Facebook app will stop but clear about WhatsApp

According to him, the support of Facebook Messenger, Instagram and Facebook app will stop in some Windows smartphones from April 30, 2019, although there is still nothing clear about WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has already been not working on the version below Windows 8.1.

It may be said that Microsoft and Facebook have also joined in this shutting down season. More recently Google has discontinued Google Plus, Inbox by Gmail and Google Allo.

Significantly, security researchers have recently disclosed the data leak of millions of Facebook users. Security firm Upgard has said in a report that about 54 million records of Facebook users have been uploaded to third-party public servers.

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In the report of the Upgard, it has been claimed that Facebook’s 54 million data has been uploaded by two third-party companies on Amazon’s servers. The data uploaded on Amazon’s server contains the full profile of Facebook users.

Please note that once Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger apps stop working, Windows Phone users will only have to depend on their browser access.

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