Facebook Testing Greetings Feature, buttons are like Pokes on steroids

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Facebook constantly keeps trying to give users new features. Recently, Facebook announced the introduction of some new features in the messenger for gaming fans. Now in the same episode, the Facebook ‘Greetings’ feature is being tested by the company. With this, Facebook users will soon be able to send a number of ‘Greetings’ to interact with their Facebook friends in a unique way.

According to the news from IANS, this new feature will have many options like Wink and High-Five besides Pok. According to the report of ‘The Nation’, these options are being tested in the UK, Thailand, Australia, Canada, Colombia and France and have been released on the anniversary of Pok.

If you press the ‘Hello’ button by going to your friend’s profile, pressing that button will open up new options. At the same time, pressing only the ‘Hello’ button on the desktop will show options. This will work exactly as there are ‘reactions’ during the detection of a photo or status.

Facebook launched ‘Hello’ button in June and it appears on top of people’s profile. If you accidentally clicked on a new option, you can withdraw it by undoing it. Apart from this, Facebook announced a year after launching a new platform ‘Instant Games’ to play games with friends in the Messaging Chat app, announced live streaming and video chatting facility for gamers through Facebook Live.

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