Facebook testing WhatsApp Shortcut Button on its Android App: Report

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In the coming days, we can see the fascination of Facebook and Whatsapp. It’s been revealed that this social media company is testing a new feature on the Facebook app, with the help of this new feature users will be able to swiftly switch between Facebook and WhatsApp. This will be possible through a shortcut button.

Actually, the company has given a new Whatsapp shortcut button in the Facebook feed. This shortcut button is only available to select user on Facebook Android app. As soon as the user clicks on the Whatsapp shortcut button appearing in the menu area, the Whatsapp app will open.

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Only a select user who chose the default language for Danish language can view this feature. It is possible that Facebook has not released this special button for every area.

It is not clear whether users who did not have a Whatsapp account, then what will happen if they tab on this shortcut button? It is being speculated that Facebook is in the process of increasing the number of WhatsApp users through this feature.

Because most people in the US and other Western countries do not use WhatsApp. It is estimated that the company is currently testing this feature in a select country. Only after seeing the user’s response will it be rolled out to the rest of the countries.

Facebook bought Whatsapp in 2014. Since then, the company has been using both platforms for the benefit of each other. Last year, the company started using the user’s Whatsapp application for advertising and other purposes. Many privacy advocates of privacy also opposed this move of Whatsapp.

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