Facebook to bring Singing Talent Show, Musical.ly might face circumstances

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If you also have a passion for the song and you need a platform where your talent gets proper mileage then it is great news for you. The world’s largest social media company, Facebook is launching a Singing Talent Show feature for you, where you will be able to sing along with music and reach out to all the people of the world.

This new feature of Facebook has been revealed by a researcher named Jane Stauchon Wong. According to Jane Stonhon Wong, the source code of Facebook’s new feature singing talent show was found in the Facebook app. After the arrival of this new feature of Facebook, you will be able to record and share famous and popular songs with music in your voice.

Facebook’s upcoming singing talent show lip-synching app will provide a tough fight to Musical.ly. Recently, Facebook has tied up with music companies from many companies like Sony, which will try to take advantage of this new feature through the company.

By the way, you must have heard the name of the app called Musical.ly . Its videos available easily from Facebook to Whatsapp and many other social platforms. This app has been downloaded more than 200 million times and has 60 million active users.

Only Time will tell what will happen but one thing is for sure that Facebook updating itself day by day. Those who develop themselves according to time, they can only survive in this competitive world Even worlds biggest social media giant Facebook doing the same.

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