Facebook’s Messenger App to get a Voice-To-Text Feature soon

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Facebook will soon let you read voice messages from your friends through Facebook Messenger. The company has started testing a voice transcription feature to select Facebook Messenger accounts internally.

Users of Facebook Messenger will soon be able to get rid of typing for chatting because very soon messenger users will be able to talk via voice. The company is testing a feature that helps Facebook users read the voice clips that were received instead of having to play them out loud.

According to a report of ‘Tech Crunch’, soon people will be able to type their messages by speaking. And one step ahead, you will be able to set a reminder with the help of this feature as well.

People who want to send a voice message on Facebook Messenger will have to tap on the microphone icon to record a message. After sending the message, Facebook will transcribe it for users.

The user will be able to see three lines icon in a voice message. Tapping on that icon auto-creates the transcription of the voice message user have sent. Yes, one important thing, that the transcript accuracy depends on accents, clarity of the recorded voice and interference.

facebook voice to message feature
facebook voice to message feature

A Facebook Messenger spokesperson has also confirmed that Facebook is internally testing a Voice-To-Text Feature. The spokesman says This new feature will give the user a’ hands-free ‘facility. It is believed that this new feature will be a part of Facebook’s upcoming portal video chat screen device. Currently, there are 130 million people are using Messenger around the world.

Facebook’s voice-to-text feature is similar to the way Google Voice works on its platform. If you’re not aware of that, Google Voice feature turns voicemail messages into text and sends it to the inboxes of its users.

According to some reports, Earlier this month, Facebook acquired speech recognition company Wit.ai.

Wit.ai is a company which offers an API (application program interface) for developers to add voice control to their products by adding a few lines of code.

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