FB hacking through QR code Explored

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facebook hack through qr code

Facebook Hacking is so easy at times that you do not believe. Such cases have come before and now a new case has emerged. You do not need any hacking courses for such hacking. Only by taking advantage of the flaws of Facebook, one can be entered into another’s account.

Indian cyber security researcher who explained the shortcomings found on Facebook in detail. Actually, Facebook has given an option to log in, which is called Login With your phone. It appears on the login page. Users can log into Facebook by scanning the QR through its features.

Researchers say that this QR can be misused because this QR code is not linked to user id, which has scanned it and the attacker can send it to someone who generated the URL from this QR code. Your account can be accessed by clicking on this URL.

Facebook’s new feature is ‘Login with your Phone’ option. This feature gives QR code to the user, which users can scan in two ways. It can be scanned through the Facebook app. In the app of Facebook, there is a scan QR code option on the right. The second way is a third-party scanner that you can download from the Play Store or App Store. You can log in with the QR code given for the given login and mobile by scanning it.

The researchers used the Facebook app first to scan the QR code so that they easily logged in. After this, he scanned it with a third party QR code scanner and they found a URL.

He transferred the generated URL from the QR code scanner to the other mobile via WhatsApp, which he had previously logged into the Facebook Test account. By Clicking the URL it shows Allow and Deny’s option to log in with them.

Researchers say that here they expected that there would be an error. But it did not happen and he managed to open the test account on his computer which was astonishing for him. For this, they did not even need to enter the password.

They tried so many times and they succeeded every time. They have also used cross-cycling request for this. If you do not know about it, then it is a kind of cyber attack that forces the user to open a web application. In this way, he could hack any user’s Facebook account.

This cyber-security researcher named Kartik Singh has said that he has told Facebook about this and Facebook has cured it.

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