FB’s new feature, Now like and comment a post with all new method

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There is a new way for comments and reaction on Facebook post has been launched. Under this, it will be easier for mobile users to react and comment on.

Under this feature, the experience of photography can change. By pressing photo for long, reactions can be given. Although you can still use the Like Button to like photos but this feature will be added.

Instagram is a Facebook service and it has a feature to double-click on photos and it seems that the company has decided to give this feature on Facebook after being influenced by Instagram. In the recent past, many features of Facebook have been provided in Insta, and some of the features of Insta have been given on Facebook.

The Facebook Press and Hold feature are currently in the testing phase and it is not available for all users. In the coming time, it can be released to the general users. Sometimes, if a feature from the company, withdraws after testing, then it is possible that these features never come for the common users.

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This feature was first noticed by social media expert Matt Navara.

Facebook’s press and hold feature applies to any post. For example, if you have to make a comment or give a reaction on any Facebook post, then you will have to hold that post. You can also comment here and if you want to react then you can react.

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As soon as you hold the photo, you will see the emoji on the photo. Here you can select the emoji by selecting it and reacting it. Right below the emoji, the comment the option is displayed. You can also comment from here. This is especially for smartphone users so that user experience can become even better.

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