Goal-Line Technology in FIFA World Cup 2018 explained!

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Dear Friends, as you guys know that Football world cup has just started therefore we have decided to explain one of its kind technology which is used in the Football game.

Yes, As mentioned in the headline, we are going to explain the Goal-line technology. Me at Technogot platform will be going to explain how actually we get an idea when Goal happens through this technology?

We all know Goal happens when a player kicks the football and ball jumps into goal post but sometimes ball failed to cross goal post line. Sometimes it just lands around the goal post line. In this case, it becomes hard to decide whether the goal has happened or not? To know about the exact position this new technology called Goal-Line technology helps referee to take a right call.

This technology is being used in most of the sports these days. We have a Hawkeye in Cricket, Snickometer, and hotspot etc.

In Football, the goal will be considered only when football enters into Goal post by crossing the Goal-line. Sometimes it becomes difficult for the referee to decide whether a goal has happned or not? We saw lot’s of action replays but goal position keeps all of us confused. To deliver the accurate call weather it is a goal or not, Goal-Line Technology is being used in the Football game.

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Goal line technology how it works ?

Goal-Line Technology works with a total of 14 cameras which covers the whole ground. In this setup, seven cameras keeps an eagle eye on each goal post respectively. Because they are high-speed Cameras they produce 3D model to measure the football position, its height from the ground, its angle etc.

There may be a scenario in which players might have covered the ball and it is not visible to the cameras but even if three cameras can see the ball then its enough to measure the football position because scientifically only three positions required to measure the objects’ position.

Here comes the interesting part when a Goal-Line technology confirm whether it is a goal or not then referee receives the goal alert on his wristwatch. Goal decision can be taken instantly.

When was first-time Goal-Line Technology used?

Goal-Line Technology was first used in 2014 Fifa world cup. Keeping the momentum it is being used in Fifa world cup 2018 also. As this technology is much high-tech, only a few games around the globe use its functionality.

We hope you guys have got full information about Goal-Line technology. Please do share your valuable comments so that we can deliver more interesting content. If we have missed anything please let us know in the comment section below.

Soccer ball technology

In 2012, the U.S. Census Bureau reported that soccer was the third-most played team sport in the U.S., behind only basketball and baseball. This technology is being used in this game also. As the United States, Canada, and Mexico has been fixed to host Football World Cup 2026, Goal-Line Technology will be going to play important role in American football.

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