Google Backup & Sync Tool will backup entire Windows OR macOS computer

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Google Backup & Sync Tool - technogot

Internet giant Google has finally launched a new app backup and sync for file backup. With this Google’s app, you can easily automate the backup of the files you have created in your computer to Google Cloud.

It’s free of cost & Secure!! Yes, you are reading the right thing! Google will not charge you for storage on the cloud. At present, free storage of up to 15 GB is available on the cloud. This tool has become available for Windows and Mac computers.

How to use Google Backup & Sync Tool

First, download the application to your system. You can find it easily by searching it on google search engine. After installing again you will get the option to select Folders for Folder Backup.

Now select the folders or files to be backed up you can personally even set the quality of the items you want to backup. After this, you will get the folder location option.

After doing this, your folders will be stored on Google Cloud and your selected folders or files will be automatically synced.

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