Google to charge up to $40 per device to Android makers

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As you might have information that the Android operating system for Android phones is absolutely free provided from Google. Google does not charge any fees from mobile companies for the Android operating system but in return, mobile companies have to give pre-installed Google’s Gmail, Google Music, Google Photos, Maps, etc. in the Android phone compulsory.

Just a few months ago, E.U. Fines Google $5.1 Billion in Android Antitrust Case. Google was forcing Android phones to have its Apps compulsory and wrongly made the search engine stronger than before.

Now, Google has made some changes to its Policy, after which it will take money from mobile companies for its apps. Alphabet Google will charge $40 for per mobile or about Rs 2,900, from mobile companies for its app. This new policy from Google will come into effect from October 29th i.e. all the Android smartphones and tablets launched after Oct. 29 by handset maker companies will have to pay fees to the Google.


Although this new condition of Google will be applicable in European countries only till now, it’s not for India right now.

This fees can vary from country to country. Instead of taking money for apps like Google Play Store, Gmail, Google Maps, Google will give a part of the advertising revenue generated to mobile manufacturing companies.

European Union imposed a fine of about $ 344 billion on Google

In July this year, the European Union imposed a fine of about $ 344 billion on Google, which is 5.1 billion euros ($ 344 billion), which was the biggest fine ever imposed in Google’s history.

In April 2015, a business group named “FairSearch” against Google had complained to the European Union and said Google was empowering the Android smartphone through its pre-installed apps. This group includes companies like Nokia, Microsoft, and Oracle.


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