Google Chrome Removed From Microsoft Store Within Hours, Morning Tech news

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A Few days after Software giant Microsoft’s confirmation that Apple iTunes will be coming to its Store in 2018, Google launched the Chrome Installer app on Microsoft Store. However, after users slammed it for being ‘useless’, Microsoft removed Google Chrome from its windows store within hours of its release.

Microsoft cites a violation of Microsoft Store policies for the removal. Actually, the story is that the search giant Google packaged the app for Windows 10 that by default opened the Chrome download page.

As per the news reports coming in this happened like when a Windows 10 user downloaded the Chrome app onto the computer, it opened up the link to download the Chrome app. How crazy is that?

google chrome installer app from windows store
This is how users rated Google chrome on Windows store

According to The Verge website, Microsoft removed the Chrome Installer app from the Windows Microsoft Store, saying that it violated their key policies. “We have removed the Google Chrome Installer App from Microsoft Store, as it violates our Microsoft Store policies,” said the company spokesperson to The Verge. “We welcome search giant Google to build a Microsoft Windows Store browser app compliant with our Microsoft Store policies in every aspect.”

Now, as per the latest update, The good news is that Google Chrome finally came to the Windows Store, as originally spotted by The Verge and the bad news is that it almost entirely became useless, and was taken down hours after being introduced after users slammed the app in the ratings.


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