Do you Google every day? but why only Google? Read out interesting facts

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Google in our life - Technogot

Nowadays Google has become our daily need, it’s not just a search engine but it has gone far from our Internet search requirements. People like us uses this search engine every five minutes. We always try to get something from the search engine.

The condition is that if you have forgotten your smartphone on Silent mode, then you have to take help from Google to find out your phone. But have you ever wondered why only this search engine?

Birth of Google

googlebeta1998 birth -TechnogotIn the year 1998, two students Larry Page and Sergey Brin started Google while learning PAD from Sandford University of California, and later on both of them globally known as founders of this company.

In 2014, An Indian Sundar Pichai became the CEO of this search engine company. Now, it is not just a search engine company, but it has become a top advertising company in the world. In addition to this, it also creates productivity tools such as Gmail for mail purpose and Google Map for location and navigation purpose.

What Made Google more popular

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According to the Net Market Share, Google is currently holding about 77% of the market share of search engine market all over the world. You won’t believe but 90% of internet users worldwide use this search engine as their preferred search engine.

3 major reasons for Google’s popularity.

1. Google gives accurate results of the search topic. Whatever we type to get information on the search bar, it produces accurate results. Even sometimes when we type inappropriate keywords, it automatically understands our requirement and shows us the desired results.

2. It’s productivity tools such as Google Map, Gmail, YouTube and G+ service which makes it popular among users.

3. The third reason is that it has become a good platform for online advertisements at this time. This enhances its’s popularity. Geo-targeting ads are the main feature which attracts more and more advertisers towards its this search engine company Adwords program.

Any Option available apart from Google?

Baidu vs Google in China technogotIt is rapidly spreading its existence in the worldwide market. Today onwards, Google has around 65% market share in the US and 95% in the French market.

Baidu is the most searched search engine on the second spot after Google. After conflicts with Google, China itself developed its own search engine called Baidu. Use of Google is only about 1% in China because the use of Baidu Search engine which mainly used there. However, the top search engine in the world is just Google.

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