Google launches exclusive ‘Qibla Finder’ service on Ramadan

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Internet service giant Google takes care of every small need and happiness of its users which has proved with the service it has provided in the most sacred Ramadan month. Google has introduced a special feature for Muslims on the occasion of Ramadan, which will make you happy knowing about it. Muslims will be easy to find Qibla to read Namaz through this exclusive service.

By clicking on the link below, you can use this service.

While on the smartphone, this feature uses the camera and tells the direction of Qibla. Google has said in its official blog, “Now it will be easy to find Qibla for Namaz via your smartphone. That’s why we are launching Qibla Finder.

It’s a web app that will use the Augmented reality and smartphone camera will tell you the direction of Qibla. The special feature of this service is that it will continue even after Ramadan. So you can use it later on.

Ramadan Hub by Google

Google ahs also created Ramzan Hub for its valuable users, who can click the particular link to know about the company’s other service. Not only this, Google has also placed YouTube’s special playlist on this page, where it can learn about Iftar recipes.

A complete list of applications related to Ramadan is also given here. Ramzan Special Stickers have also been created for Google’s instant messaging app allo. Those stickers can also be downloaded from this page.

You can go to Google’s Ramadan Hub by clicking below.

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