Google now lets you to Auto-Delete Your Location and Activity Data

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Google has started releasing Auto Delete feature for Android and iOS users. After this update, the location and activity history of Android and iPhone users will be automatically deleted, although for this you have to do a setting in your smartphone. After doing necessary setting, the history of Google Maps will be deleted automatically after a defined time.

How to automatically delete your Google Location and Activity Data

Under Google’s Auto Delete feature, you can choose from a period of 3 months to 18 months. After this, the data for the duration you decide will be automatically deleted. This feature of Google will be available in both the web and app in the Activities page.

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The special part of this feature is that access data by the third party app can also be deleted. You can do the settings of the Auto Delete feature by clicking on this link.

After clicking on this link, you can delete the history by going to the Delete Activity section and you can do the settings of Auto Data Delete by going to the Activities Control.

Google had given information about this auto-delete feature last month in May, but during that time testing on the beta version of this feature was going on, while now it is slowly being released to all users.

Google has said about this feature, “You should always be able to manage your data and you should get the facilities for it.” We are committed to giving users control over their data. “

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