Google’s new Triangle app will save your mobile data

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Google has launched a new app called triangle which will help users reduce mobile data consumption. Triangle app will save your mobile data. The testing of this app is currently being done in the Philippines. It is noticeable that most of the features of this app are for local globes and smart prepaid users. This app is specially designed for areas where there is a limit to data usage.

Triangle app will allow you to set the limit for data usage on a particular app. For example – if you think the WhatsApp is consuming more data then you can turn on Data Saver for that app. Apart from this, there is also a data usage limit in the app. For example, you can decide which data will be used in the event of which app is used. You can set the time for this also.

Samsung, Xiaomi, Nokia, and LG are already giving this feature to their smartphone. In this way, there is no special need for an app separately to save data.

Well if you want to download this app, then you have to download the APK file because it is only available in the Philippines Triangle app can be downloaded from the Play Store.

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