Hidden Camera Detector app, know how to use it

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If you are always worried about the hidden camera from the washroom, changing room or the hotel room then there is no need to worry anymore. Technogot suggesting an Application for your mobile, now the fear of hidden camera can be overcome by installing an app in your mobile.

The app we are suggesting is available for both platforms Android and iOS. An application called ‘Hidden Camera Detector’ can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store. The iPhone user will have to load this app from iTunes. However, it is available free of cost on Google play store. Guys, we recommend if you really have some fear or doubt, just go for it.

How it works

Keeping this app active, it will catch the radiation of the hidden camera something like the picture below. App users will have to walk a bit along with their smartphone to detect the hidden camera at the place wherever you doubt. If there is a camera then a red mark will appear on the mobile screen. If you get a hidden camera then you can put a tape or a cloth on it and can immediately inform the police.

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