How eSIM Works for iPhone XS, XS Max? How eSIMs will change phones for forever?

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Apple has launched three new phones as iPhone Xs, iPhone Xr and iPhone Xs max. The most important announcement and surprising thing are that Apple has provided Dual sim support in these smartphones.

We are talking about Dual sim feature, actually, we are talking about dual sim standby but to use this feature in new iPhones there is a term, called e-SIM. Apple describes the eSIM as a digital SIM card that allows iPhones users to activate a cellular plan or Data plan from their carrier without having to use a physical nano-SIM card.

How eSIM Works for iPhone XS, XS Max?

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It was a dream for iPhone users to use Dual SIM feature on their iPhones and now Apple has made it possible and made dream come true. You can insert one physical Nano SIM Card in the new iPhone but if you want to use the second SIM in your iPhone then you’ll have to use eSIM.

Remember all the telecom operators around the globe doesn’t support eSIM. There is a limited list of telecom operators who provide eSIM facility but yes, of course, it will grow after this eSIM Concept.

Jio and Airtel are the main two carriers who support eSIM. Basically, you’ll receive QR Code from telecom operators regarding eSIM. You can even use My Jio app or Airtel app to use the eSIM facility.

After that, you just have to go to the settings section of your iPhone and you’ll get an option to add eSIM in cellular settings. You can configure your eSIM there either from QR Code or from telecom operator App.


This is a very simple process. The most amazing thing is that you can replace telecom service providers very quickly in case you don’t like services from your existing company. In compare to physical sim change or MNP (Mobile No. Portability), the eSIM feature will become far easy where you just have to change QR code, there will be no requirement of physical SIM.

Just like the other dual SIM smartphones, you’ll be able to select your preferred SIM Card for Data and calling but remember one thing that if you are talking on SIM no. 1 then you won’t be able to receive the second call as waiting, it will go to voicemail. Both the phone numbers in your iPhone can make and receive voice calls and send and receive SMS and MMS, but only one cellular data/phone network can be used at a time.

How dual SIM works on iPhone?

In order to use the dual SIM facility on your iPhone follow these steps to activate your cellular plan with a QR code:

Step:1 Go to Settings > Cellular.

Step:2 Tap Add Cellular Plan.

Step3: Use your iPhone XS, XR or XS Max to scan the QR code that your carrier provided to use eSIM.

Remember one thing that if you are asked to enter a code to activate the eSIM, enter the particular number that your carrier provided. If necessary, you can go to the official store and ask for the guidance.

It’s a good thing that at least Apple has given some respect to its user’s demand. It’s a good thing that it has used eSIM technology though it has limited support which will grow in the future. It is the future. How much time we’ll have to rely on physical SIM technology if there is only some no. change requires.

Its a good news for Chinese customers that they’ll have the option to insert two physical SIM cards in the iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and iPhone XS Max. I do not confirm whether Chinese iPhones will work other parts of the world or not.

Popular esim carriers that support eSIM

Hrvatski Telekom

Note: eSIM support is increasing rapidly throughout the world from country-based carriers too.

You can find out more at esim wiki

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