How to check whether phone is Original OR Fake?

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How to check whether phone is Original OR Fake-min

Find out if your smartphone is Original OR Fake, in seconds with just an SMS.

If you are reading this news, then there is a 95 percent chance that you might own a smartphone. Smartphones are getting quite cheaper nowadays. Many times, unexpected cashback is available for online phones.

Well, many people skip from buying online smartphones because they think they can get a fake smartphone. So let us now tell you a way through which you can send a message to find out if your phone is real or fake. let’s understand this with the steps below.

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Actually, this facility is not given to anyone in the public domain, but the Department of Telecommunication has access to it. Under this service, you can get full information about your phone by just sending an SMS. Apart from SMS, you can also know from the C-DOT app that your phone is fake or real.

How to check whether phone is Original OR Fake through SMS?

code to check original android phone

If you want to know through the message that if your phone is real or fake, then you can enter the messaging app and write KYM>space>15 digit IMEI number and send it to 14422.

If you do not know the phone’s IMEI number, then you can take this information by dialing *#06#. Apart from this, there is also an IMEI number on the phone box. After sending the message, you will have a message that contains many information about your phone, including the name of the company.

If all information appears satisfactory to you then you don’t have to worry, it means your phone is original. In the case of nonavailability of data, you can contact the seller.

Besides SMS, you can also get complete information about your phone by downloading KYM – Know Your Mobile app from the Google Play Store in your Android phone. This app will also tell you whether the IMEI number of your phone has been blocked or not.

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