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According to the Supreme Court of India judgment, It is not mandatory to share Aadhar details for people to avail the services from private companies, digital mobile wallet, bank and telecom companies.

However, If you are looking to de-link your Aadhar from your telecom operator then wait! telecom companies have not provided any provision for the Aadhar de-linking at the moment. But for the digital mobile wallet users like PayTM, Bank account holders and others who had linked the Aadhar can now remove or delink Aadhar by using these methods.

How to remove Aadhar card from PayTm account? and other digital wallets

Some digital wallet companies have not yet given the option of d-linking Aadhar from their apps. It is expected that soon these companies will provide Aadhar delink services only through the app. But, you can de-link the Aadhar through our strategy/hack.

Step:1 You’ll have to call customer care to the company whose digital wallet you are using.

Step:2 You’ll have to ask them to send you an email related to the delinking of the Aadhar.

Step:3 Now, provide a copy of your Aadhar to the e-mail comes from the company. After this, your Aadhar will be removed from your account within 72 hours.

How to unlink aadhar

How to delink Aadhar from bank account?

At present, online Aadhar de-linking facility is not available on bank websites. To de-link Aadhar from a bank, you’ll have to go to the branch of a particular bank. There you will have to submit and fill the form with necessary details. After this process, your Aadhar will be de-linked with your account within 48 hours.

Apart from this, if you want to de-link your Aadhar from any other organizations & services just call them and ask for Aadhar De-linking.

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