How to Differentiate Between Fake & Genuine Chargers? Use This Trick

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how to know original vs fake charger

As Smartphone industry growing rapidly day by day, the fake mobile accessories industry is also started cheating people. The market is full of fake mobile chargers, Earphones, cables these days.

This is to inform you and be careful after reading this articles. Fake Mobile Charger is one of the major and biggest reasons for the blast in a smartphone or a sudden fire in mobile. In many cases reported last year, due to the fake mobile charger, mobile exploded and people met with unexpected burn injuries and in some cases, people have also lost their precious life.

In a recent accident in Chennai city of India, a person and his daughter died after the explosion in their mobile phone due to the usage of the inappropriate charger for the mobile. In addition, if you do not use the original charger for your phone, then it will affect the performance of your mobile battery and its overall durability. In this case, Technogot recommend you to use only original chargers to charge your mobile phone. I am telling you some ways from which you will be able to differentiate Between Fake & Genuine Chargers.

Fake Mobile Charger is one of the major reasons for the burst of smartphone batteries or a sudden fire in mobile so read below points carefully. Because nothing is important than life.

How to Tell if a Samsung Charger Is Real or Fake?

Samsung galaxy s9+-technogot

It’s hard to identify between Samsung’s real and fake mobile charger these days. You can identify Samsung’s real charger based on some text printed on the charger backside. If the charger has written the word in A + and Made in China with other things, then this charger can be fake. Be aware of this.

Identify counterfeit or uncertified Lightning accessories through this method for iPhones

Apple iphone battery problem _Technogot

Apple iPhone’s Fake Charger is available in a large amount in the fake markets. Identifying between real and fake chargers is very difficult with the Apple chargers also. The iPhone’s real charger contains text “Design by Apple in California”. Apart from this, the color of the Apple logo in the iPhone’s fake charger is usually darker. This is how you can identify apple iPhone’s fake chargers.

How to know mi charger duplicate?

Mi a2 comparison WITH MI A1

First, Identify the length of its cable (charger wire) to identify the fake charger. Remember if the length of the cable is less than 120 centimeters and if the size of the adapter is larger than usual then it will be a fake charger. Be Aware of this trick and ask your circle people to follow the same instructions.

This is how you can distinguish between fake and genuine dash charger


Don’t Worry, OnePlus Fake Dash Charger is easy to identify. If you put the original Dash Charger in the mobile, instead of the regular battery charging symbol, you’ll be able to see a flash symbol. At the same time, note down that this does not happen in the fake Dash Charger of OnePlus.

Google Pixel phone chargers identifications

pixel-2-vs-pixel-2-xl technogot-min

To identify the Google’s Pixel Phone Charger whether it is original or fake you should monitor your phone charging duration. Google offers fast chargers with its pixel smartphones. The charger you are using may be fake if it takes more time to charge the phone’s battery.

I hope you guys have got a full idea about the fake and original chargers of smartphones like Samsung, Apple, Mi, OnePlus and Google Pixel.

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