How to download WhatsApp in Jio phone?

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If you are one of the Jio Phone customers who is waiting to use Whatsapp in your Jio Phone then we, here at Technogot want to make you happy by informing that you’ll now be able to use WhatsApp.

Now you can run Whatsapp in your Rs 1500 and the new Jio Phone 2. WhatsApp itself inform in its official blog about the same and if you also check in your Jio Phone, you’ll see an update for WhatsApp. so let’s guide you how to download WhatsApp in the Jio phone?

First of all, check your Jio phone plan and if your Jio phone plan is over or the internet is not running then you should recharge first and make sure your phone is properly connected with the Internet because you will need internet to download WhatsApp.

Now, open Jio app Store on the Jio phone. After opening the app store, there will be an option to download Whatsapp. You can also download Facebook and YouTube simultaneously.

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After downloading, just enter your mobile number and activate Whatsapp. Now you can easily run Whatsapp in your 1500 rupees Jio phone. Whatsapp App can be downloaded in Jio Phone and Jio Phone 2.

Reliance Jio had given information about WhatsApp in its Annual General Meeting, it was said that from August 15, Jio phones will start running WhatsApp but it took a while and now finally the Jio Phone has got the chance to run WhatsApp.

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