How to Get Free WiFi Anywhere?- No-Hacking, Legal

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Nowadays all people have a daily minimum 1GB of data pack in the mobile, but everyone like the free stuff, although it is not necessary that the internet pack is always activated on the phone. So Technogot would like to tell you 3 simple ways to find free Wi-Fi anywhere.


Instabridge is also an app that lets you connect to public Wi-Fi. The specialty of this app is that it connects to the fastest network. Apart from this, if the network is not available, then this app comes to automobile network so that connectivity remains.

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You can also find free WiFi from your Facebook app. For this, click on the three-dot on the right side of the Facebook app. Now, scroll down, the Find Wi-Fi option will appear. Clicking on it will show you the complete list of free Wi-Fi networks.



WeFi is an app that tells you the location of the free Wi-Fi around you. The most important thing is that if this app is on your phone then your phone will connect itself to the free Wi-Fi, for that you do not need to search. You can download it from the Play Store for free.

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