How to increase battery life of Android Phone and iOS Phone

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You must have found several apps which claim they will save or increase the battery life of your smartphone but we have found special battery saver application called Battery Doctor(Battery Saver). It will help extend your battery when you are chatting, posting shopping, surfing, working, playing games etc.

On you Android or Apple phone you can save more with this application. No more worries about poser usage. You will get full control to do any action for saving battery on your smartphone.

This Application provides real-time monitoring of battery and usage by each task stats.

You will get customizable power usage profiles that can be scheduled also. It will also stop applications that make the battery dry while not in use. (in the background)

There is a home screen widget for 1-Touch Task killer to close battery draining apps. This app will help users get better battery performance. For example, instead of consuming 15% of the battery in the smartphone, only 7% of the battery will be consumed.

Battery Doctor is a FREE battery saving app that helps extend your battery life up to 50% by finding apps and settings that drain power on your device. More than 330+ million users have installed this application who have seen the benefits!

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